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Safety Tips

For Renter

Try to take the deposit & rental at the time of the exchange.
Always meet at a safe location.
Make sure cash/cheque paid as deposits or rentals are not fake. It is your responsibility.
Ask the rentee/client to provide photo ID and proof of address and cross check those documents thoroughly.
Ensure clarify in declaration of goods online and during exchange to avoid any misunderstanding. Especially when your goods/services will be rented to different or same person multiple times.
Share and exchange only information required for the transactions. Verifying background details with authorities can also be an option.


For Rentee

Ensure meeting renter/exchanger at a safe location and inspect the product thoroughly. This is also true for house rentals and manpower rentals.
Always remember fair goods/services have a fair price. Do not take any hasty decisions just because the price is too good. You will pay only what the product/service deserves.
Pay the deposits and take proper proofs.
Never overpay any amount which is more than the actual value of the product.
Clarify all terms and conditions and clearly ask how you get your deposit back at the time of returning the product.
Never exchange any financial information.
Check documentation thoroughly ensuring item is not stolen.
Your Safety is our Priority.

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