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Medium Excavator Amphibious Excavator For Rent in Mumbai

Mumbaiq, Maharashtra, India       24/08/2016
Medium Excavator Amphibious Excavator For Rent in Mumbai.
High Efficiency
Optimized Power Control
With closed-loop control, the controller automatically regulates the power absorbed by hydraulic pump according to the changes of engine load during the operation, keeping the power of hydraulic pump matching up to the power of engine at all times.

Faster Arm Speed
A quick circuit is added to the arm oil cylinder circuit.

2.1.3 Pressure Loss Reducing
The positive flow hydraulic system and the advanced computer dynamic control technology are used to provide real-time match between engine power and main pump power while effectively
maximizing the machine performance and significantly reducing the fuel consumption.

Efficient Electric Control Module
The electric control module has the capability of making quick response to the change of operating variables in order to achieve optimum engine performance.

High Reliability
Excellent Cooling Effect
Fan Guard: The radiator fan is enclosed with a protective net cover that prevents objects from falling into the fan to damage its blades.
Serially Arranged Coolers: water radiator, oil radiator, intercooler and condenser are arranged side by side; the aluminum radiator gives better cooling effect.

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